Zomm. Eat

Food from noon to night.

At the Zomm. restaurant, we serve Tyrolean dishes inspired by the fresh, regional produce stemming from the surrounding fields, forests, and lakes. Fresh herbs and vegetables from our own little garden contribute to our cuisine, as do hand-foraged wild mushrooms, mouth-watering game, and delicate fish from the clear waters of the region. Utilising a variety of traditional techniques, such as smoking, fermenting, and pickling, we preserve the goodness each season has to offer. Our nose-to-tail philosophy means we waste nothing. Besides delicious steak, we also serve specialities such as giblets or cracklings and create traditional spreads and pâtés in order to not waste a scrap. 

Creative, pure, and inspired by nature

At noon, guests enjoy our traditional lunch menu, and for dinner, they can choose from a wide variety of dishes from our Zomm.Stil menu. Choose your personal favourite from our fine dining menu and discover the unique flavour of our kitchen – creative, pure, and inspired by nature.

Explore Tyrol’s delicious culinary heritage. There’s no place like our bountiful restaurant with its traditional dining halls and sunny terrace with views deep into the Inntal valley and its majestic mountains. We look forward to serving you.

Lunch from noon to 04:00 pm

Dinner from 05:00 to 09:00 pm