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About us/Zomm.

Thomas Kluckner and Waal Sterneberg are the chefs of the Zomm. restaurant. They have known each other since their time cooking together at De Librije, a three-star Michelin Guide restaurant in the Netherlands. They both gained considerable experience abroad before ultimately realising their shared vision for their very own restaurant. Their vision of authentic cooking comes to life at Zomm. Close collaboration comprises the foundation of their restaurant, striving to be good stewards by fostering sustainable handling of regional produce and resources.

Their kitchen follows the rhythm of nature. In spring, the first herbs of the season are followed by salads, tomatoes, and mushrooms or game from the region. Fresh produce from nearby farms determines the menu. Nothing goes to waste. Every piece of an animal is processed. Bones, meat, and giblets are transformed into a variety of Tyrolean dishes. Local suppliers deliver fresh and ripe vegetables and fruit, depending on what the season has to offer. At Zomm., the products are immediately cooked into delicious meals or preserved for later use. This is how the chefs ensure the highest quality and a maximum of flavour. Guests can rest assured that no artificial preservatives or additives are used and every dish they enjoy is cooked fully in line with the cooks’ authentic cooking approach. This responsible handling of precious natural resources combines playful creativity and inspiring interpretations of Austrian classics. This is how the Zomm. chefs live and enjoy active cooperation together with regional farmers – and allow their guests to do the same.